Our problems are personal and when we experience change brought about by bereavement, stress, illness, relationships and loss we can feel isolated and alone. The reasons for seeking counselling are as unique and varied as we are. Sometimes we have an idea of what is upsetting us and sometimes we struggle to pin point the cause of our distress.


Counselling can offer the time we lack in everyday life to acknowledge and examine the losses, anxieties or frustrations we may be feeling. It can also create the space we need to reflect on the assumptions and beliefs that might be underpinning these feelings and which may be burdening or overwhelming us. We might explore what or who impacts on, or has contributed towards, our current beliefs or ways of looking at relationships or situations. In doing so, we can reflect on and re-evaluate the significance and meaning of these past triggers or events in light of our life today and take those steps towards enabling change and growth.


Walk and Talk Counselling


Walk and talk counselling is an intervention which brings together counselling, walking and the outdoors.  The mind and body are integrally connected and when one experiences positive change so does the other.  


It is a wonderful alternative to the traditional counselling room.   There are a wide variety of clients who will benefit from walk and talk counselling including clients who are in a time of life crisis or transition.  The act of walking forward can be a powerful metaphor for moving forward in life. Clients who tend to think better on their feet may find these active sessions more productive   Clients suffering from depression can also benefit from this style of counselling. Being in nature can add a sense of life which can help you to move forward in yours.


Locations for walk and talk counselling will be agreed with you to ensure the local park terrain is suitable.  I am also happy to walk with parents who may have a baby in a stroller.  Ashridge in Berkhamsted provides rental of mobility scooters and dedicated paths during the Spring and Summer months.




Hypnotherapy brings about a state of deep relaxation. It is a natural and safe state where you will be conscious and fully in control. When you are relaxed you are more open to accept positive suggestions that will bring the beneficial change you wish to make.  You do not have to be in a deep trance for wanted change to occur.  Hypnotherapy can help with addressing unwanted behaviours, increasing motivation and confidence and aiding relaxation along with helping many other conditions.



Initial Meeting

Our initial meeting is a chance to see whether we feel comfortable to talk and work together. This first consultation is a time to discuss what has brought you to counselling so that we can decide which type of counselling would be most helpful for you.


At the end of our first meeting we can agree to proceed with weekly, 50 minute counselling sessions together and agree on a regular day and time to meet.


I have a network of qualified practitioners to suggest, should we decide not to proceed with one another.


My fees are: £50 per individual counselling session; £65 for couples counselling and £75 for Family Therapy. Payment can be in cash, cheque or via mobile banking transfer either in advance or at the end of each meeting.


If you are a counsellor in training, I offer a special rate as I am aware of the financial investment and personal commitment you are making.  Please call me to discuss.