Family therapy will help you build stronger and healthier relationships.


Family counselling helps family members to focus on the problem and never the individuals.  It enables family members to explore difficult situations, thoughts and emotions and to understand each-others perspective.  We support family members to come together by using different strategies and tools to develop improved communication. Especially helpful when families are experiencing change including divorce, new partners, illness and bereavement, parenting issues and breakdown in positive communication.


Helen and I work together to provide a secure and confidential environment in which to explore presenting issues in the here and now. Although sometimes it is important to reflect on past events and how they impact on the present and future.  Two therapists working together ensures that all family members are given time and space to share their concerns and that an equal and non-biased working space is created.  


We help families to find solutions which work for them by challenging negative behaviours and replacing with helpful tools and solutions that the whole family agree upon and work towards.


How does it work?


We invite the whole family to attend and share the issues from their perspective.  It is an opportunity for everyone to share how they are feeling about the situations causing the current problems.  The family is then guided to explore different solutions and techniques to work on resolving the issues.  Families can benefit immediately and from the first session go home and put into practice new strategies.  


Many families come to us when at crisis point and others come to prevent issues from arising or to address issues at an early stage.


We provide this service in Herts, Beds and Bucks and work from suitable venues in these locations.  If you would like further information, please contact me by phone or email.












 Helen Lehrle - Co-counsellor

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