Corporate Training Days

Life Balance:  Keeping In touch workshop for employees on maternity, adoption or additional paternity leave.


Workshop Objectives


To offer an interactive workshop to employees as part of the ‘Keeping in Touch’ employer commitment. Participants can:


    *    Maintain contact with the organisation


    *    Build skills for adapting to change, return to work and continued professional development within the organisation


    *    Develop peer networks and access further information resources


Potential Benefits to Employers


    *    Employees feel professionally valued, builds confidence in the organisation and reputational enhancement


    *    Maintaining contact with employees results in more productive and smoother re-integration into the workforce


    *    Feedback for HR on employee support needs in specific return to work circumstances


Who is this suitable for?


Members of clerical and management staff grades who are on maternity, adoption or additional paternity leave. Potentially employees returning from long-term health related absence. This workshop can also be adapted as a stress management team building away day.



Training Delivery Team


Sue Seager is an integrative counsellor and clinical supervisor working in private practice

and for a national children’s charity. Prior to training as a therapist, Sue worked in corporate

marketing and business management and then as a trainer in the education, public and

not-for-profit sectors.  Sue is a highly experienced and innovative practitioner and trainer,

she uses her life skills and experiences to inspire and work creatively with her clients.  


Thea Bailey is a person centred counsellor working in private practice and for a local Hospice

providing bereavement support. Thea has worked as a business development advisor helping

individuals start up and run their own businesses. She also has experience of being a business

owner within the construction sector and the retail sector. She is an experienced trainer

and presenter.


Sue and Thea are able to work alongside you and your organisation to create and develop

inspiring and interactive training and personal development workshops which meet your

objectives.  We understand the importance of identifying and understanding the culture of

your organisation and have supported businesses within both the public and private

sector from schools and universities to SME's and charities.



Please contact us for further information and to discuss your particular requirements.


T: 07854 613 296


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