Case Studies

Client TJ was suffering from anxiety and feelings of depression following the diagnosis of a long term medical condition. She was having difficulty sleeping due to her anxiety which created a downward spiral of feeling tired and emotional which lead to a feeling of loss of control in her life.  We worked together processing the impact of her medical condition and focused very much on being in the present.  We worked together on self-hypnosis techniques to aid relaxation and used walk and talk counselling to explore the future and work on setting goals.


    "Being able to talk with someone who was not family really helped me understand how I felt about my future.  I was nervous about hypnosis but the relaxation techniques really helped me to switch off and sleep better" (TJ, Bucks)



Client SB was feeling stressed having recently moved his elderly mother into the family home.  Arguments were taking place between him and his family due to the issues raised by having his elderly mother share their home. We focused our work on his relationship with his mother as well as developing effective changes in his communication style.  


    "Counselling is not something I thought I needed however, talking things through and saying it out load made my situation more real and I was then able to make the changes needed" (SB, Hertfordshire)



Client KS became widowed after his wife of 42 years passed away at the local hospice. He had lots of support from family and friends and after 6 months was still experiencing the full impact of his loss.  He was feeling very alone.  He felt he could not talk about his feelings with his family as he did not want them to worry about him as he said they had their own busy lives.  We initially worked face to face as the counselling work focused on his loss, we then moved to weekly and then fortnightly telephone counselling.


    “Thank you so much for just listening.  Knowing that I had someone independent I could talk to about my lovely wife and to be there for me when I needed support stopped me feeling so alone” (KS, Hertfordshire)

Stress and anxiety has a negative effect on our minds as well as our bodies and therefore affects our physical and mental wellbeing.  Talking therapies can help us process our experiences and help to challenge negative thoughts and behaviours.


Counselling can help with many life issues which we may experience including:


o  Anxiety

o  Stress

o  Anger

o  Bereavement and loss

o  Bullying

o  Lack of confidence and low self esteem

o  Personal relationships

o  Family dynamics

o  Depression

o  Emotional abuse and physical abuse

o  Redundancy or retirement

o  Chronic and short term health concerns